Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dating in the 21st Century...Hell in a handbasket?

Is it me or is dating these days like screening applicants for a position with Homeland Security? Well, in all honesty, I really am not surprised that it has gotten so serious. You can't be too careful these days...especially if you have small children at home.

I am a single mother with three children, one that is mentally disabled; therefore, I have to be very careful who I get into a relationship with. But many of the young girls today don't seem to really care about who they get involved with, as long as he makes money and helps them pay their bills. That is sad. When young women begin to view men as nothing but walking, breathing sperm banks with a paychecks and benefits, you know things have gotten bad.

Whatever happened to love? Self respect and respect for others? Morals? Our celebrities are not making any better for parents either. It seems as though they date a person long enough to have a child with that person, then they move on to the next and start all over. And they seem to switch partners back and forth like some kind of square dance. It is getting ridiculous.

It has gotten so bad now that you practically have to do a criminal background check on every individual you meet and are interested in. For example, I just met a guy at the grocery store. He was clean, dressed nice, and had a nice car. He has his own business and gave me business card to call him. So I did and left a message. Well, I was curious if I could pull anything up in the state court system on this guy. So I did a little research and found out that he is due in court this month on charges of fraud, theft, and check forgery! Whoa! I was surprised for a minute, but then it faded away quickly. I have not called him back since. And it may be that he is completely innocent of those charges, but I still do not think that is a good pick for me. Sounds like he has some stuff going on and I really do not have time for that. I have my own stuff that I'm dealing with.

So ladies and gentlemen, just be careful what you allow yourself to get into these days. If you do not want to be bothered with a man and his potential criminal history, tell him "Thanks, but no thanks." Or you want to date this fine woman but not deal with her children, then you need to move on to a single woman that has no children...don't waste that single mother's time or your own.